The Heisel Agency
          "Insurance Brokerage Consultants"

Jon Stenstad
Administrative Assistant to John Heisel
Heisel Agency
P.O. Box 150
Cripple Creek, CO 80813

Local: 208-350-7977
Fax: 208-319-2043

About Us

The Heisel Agency has been helping insurance agents find competitively priced products since it first opened its door in April, 1992.

Since that time nearly $1 Billion in new life insurance has been written with companies that were the best choice for the insured as well as the agent.
We literally "shop for you" to ensure you have the best choice when presenting insurance options to your clients.
We offer affordable life coverage for almost every situation. Prospects that have been rated or declined for life coverage due to diabetes, smoking, heart conditions, or some cancers can frequently be successfully insured.
On the other hand, prospects seeking the very best in insurance pricing will also be pleased with the results you'll find when you ask us to quote.
There are no production requirements.  You are paid directly by the insurance company for the full agent's commission.  Your commissions are fully vested - one case or one hundred.
It will be our pleasure to help you grow your practice.  Please feel free to call us today (208-350-7977)!
John Heisel, the agency principal, "pounded the pavement" as a Prudential Ordinary agent for 6 years before going into the brokerage business in 1985. He has earned the Chartered Life Underwriter, Registered Health Underwriter and Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow designations.
He is a past president of the Northern Illinois Chapter of CLU and a twice past president of the Rockford Association of Life Underwriters.

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